The Replication Database: Documenting the replicability of psychological science


In psychological science, replicability—repeating a study with a new sampleachieving consistent results (Parsons et al., 2022)—is critical for affirming the validity of scientific findings.Despite its importance, replicationefforts are few and far between in psychological sciencewith manyattempts failing to corroborate past findings. This scarcity, compounded by the difficulty in accessing replication data, jeopardizes the efficient allocation of research resources and impedes scientific advancement. Addressing this crucial gap,we present the Replication Database (, a novel platform hosting 1,239 original findingspaired with replication findings. The infrastructure of this databaseallows researchers to submit, access, and engage with replication findings.The databasemakes replications visible, easily findablevia a graphical user interface, and tracks replication rates across various factors, such as publication yearorjournal.Thiswill facilitatefuture efforts to evaluate the robustness of psychological research.